History of Rotary Club of Maluba


The idea of a Third Rotary Club in Lusaka, besides the Rotary Clubs of Lusaka and Lusaka Central, was first proposed by Past President David Fisher in circa 1979. It did not gain much ground as members of Rotary Club of Lusaka did not see the necessity of such a move. A hard core of believers kept bringing up the proposal in subsequent years, but without much success. Serious consideration for sponsorship was given when on Past President David Fisher’s insistence, some members of the club together with Rotarian Michael Mulenga, who was then the District Extension Officer for Zambia met with Rotarian Kosta Raftopoulos’ at his residence in March 1982. At this meeting Rotarian Kostas “volunteered” to examine the feasibility of forming a third club in Lusaka and undertook to present a short list of potential members to the Board of Rotary Club of Lusaka.

In early January of 1983, Past District Governor Annel Silungwe raised the matter again – this time seriously! Hence an organising committee was formed consisting of past presidents and interested club members (of Rotary Club of Lusaka) The Organising and Formation Committee met several times and in June of 1983 it was decided to the bring potential members to these meetings which were held every fortnight. The enthusiasm was catching and it was decided to hold the new club’s Inaugural Meeting in August, when the elections of the office Bearers would be held. This meeting was held on 10 August 1983 and the Provisional Club of Maluba was officially formed and the processing of application to Rotary International began.

The name “MALUBA” (which means “FLOWERS”) was chosen as being the most appropriate, being descriptive of the spirit of this new Club. It is also the name of the area west of Intercontinental Hotel where greater number of Club’s members resided then. The Rotary Club of Maluba was finally chartered on 22nd December 1983. One of the charter members, now Past President Bharat Nayee, founder and proprietor of Bookworld, is still a very active member of the Club, serving as the Club Trainer for 2018-2019 Rotary year.

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